D.I.Y Wine Charms

This is long overdue.   Once upon a time (last November), I went through a little phase—a crafty phase if you will, to make crafty things.  These little creative phases are not surprising to me, but I do wish they lasted longer.  I’ve gone through a sketching phase, painting phase, stamp phase, ceramic phase…you name it.  This phase entailed beads.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to make, but I knew bead jewelry wouldn’t be too hard of a project.  Uhh, wrong. To be honest, I went into a Michaels craft store and I was overwhelmed.   Have you ever been in Michaels craft store? It’s like you want to buy and MAKE EVERYTHING in that store. I literally spent two hours and ended up buying string. Not even the string I needed to make the jewelry.  So back to the drawing board, I went on Pinterest, my go-to website to find anything pretty and creative, and searched bead jewelry.  Umm, as much as I saw some really cute D.I.Y bracelets and necklaces, the difficulty level on making those bad boys was …mm, not so cute.   

Then I came across charms.  Charm bracelets? No, wine charms! You know the ones that hook around the bottom of the wine glass as a little reminder that it’s YOUR wine glass and you want nobody’s cooties but your own?  Yea those wine charms.  Also at the time that I made these, the holidays were coming up and I thought it would be the perfect present for wine lovers, aka, my besties.  Unfortunately I never sent them.  FAIL.  But I’m a firm believer they’ll eventually get there (Oh hey end of February!). 

Back to the craft store I went, this time with a game plan.   It still took me another hour to pick out beads, because that in itself was another issue.  But after getting all the materials together, which was not much at all, the project was super easy. 


Small pliers


1”inch metal jump rings (they’re actually hoop earrings you can find in the craft store)

Favorite charms






After putting in the beads, make a little loop with the pliers to hold them in place.







I chose black, clear, and gold beads for a New Year theme.  I think they turned out pretty cute.  If only now I can send them out!  **To my girlfriends, they were meant to be little surprises for the New Year–they’re here waiting for you.