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Let’s be real…

Sometimes, all it takes is to start. Whether it’s a goal, a diet plan, quitting a bad habit or just moving forward in life for the better, all it takes is to start somewhere.  Atleast you can say to yourself, you’re one step closer than where you were yesterday.  With that said, happy hump day! You’re half way through this week. TRUE DAT.


La- pork chops

Wow. I really need to be better at this whole blogging business.  When Thanksgiving rolled around, it was like one holiday/cram-everything-before-the-new year-fest after another.  Before I knew it, BAM! 2012!  And I was like “wait, wha?!”  I definitely got caught up in the holiday hibernation.  Tonight, I thought  I’d get back into the swing of things, by starting off with a food post. Of course.  I felt a little adventurous, and by adventurous, I decided to make pork chops.

Pork is usually not my forte of meat when it comes to cooking, but since it was around the house, why the hell not, right?  And because I really had no idea what to do with them, I resorted to The New York Times 60-Minute Gourmet French cookbook.  Don’t be fooled by the title—if you’re a beginner cook like me, 60-minutes turned into 2 hours prep and serve time. So make sure your “spontaneous self” is up for it. I was coming home from a 10-hour work day, thinking “Oh, how cute of me, I’m feeling food network-y” when  I should have just settled for some easy mac and a bag of Doritos.  It was here I found, “Cotes de Porc Liegeoise” also known as, la pork la chops, glazed with la-cheese.


The recipe was not at all complex, besides the fact it didn’t tell you how many degrees you should have your oven on or even how long to leave the pork chops in there.  I felt a lot was going all at once, which is my excuse of why I don’t have step-by-step pictures of the whole thing—my bad.  Even the picture below doesn’t do justice to the flavors I experienced.  I used all sorts of cheese I found in the fridge, but the Gruyere really played up my palette. The saltiness of the Gruyere and the tanginess of the mustard gave the chops a really pleasant, yet, bold flavor. The recipe is below, you will not regret it. Chop chop!!!

Cotes de Porc Liegeoise


4 loin pork chops, salt and pepper to taste

1 tbsp of vegetable oil

1 cup of grated Grueyere or Swiss (Don’t go cheap on the cheese either, trust.  It’ll be worth it.)

1 tbsp Dijon mustard

1 tbsp of heavy cream

1 egg yolk

1 tbsp of chives (or onions works too)

1 egg yolk

2 tbsp of dry white wine/vermouth

2 tbsp of water


1.)    Sprinkle chops  with salt and pepper.

2.)    Heat the oil in a heavy skillet.  Brown both sides for about 10 minutes.

3.)    Preheat broiler 400-ish degrees.

4.)    Mix cheese, mustard, cream, garlic, chives and egg yolk. When chops are cooked, smear on one side of the cheese mixture evenly.

5.)    Put the chops under the broiler until brown and glazed.

6.)    Meanwhile, remove fat bits from the skillet where the chops were cooked.  Add the wine and water to it; stir to loosen up the brown bits.  Pour sauce over the chops and voila!