Can I get some Curr up in hurr!

I was feeling for curry. No story behind this recipe.  Actually, I take that back.  Curry reminds me when a dear friend of mine, now ex-malefriend per se…so maybe not so dear, and not so friendly now…came to visit me in Singapore back in 2007.  We’ll call him “& Goliath” for clever reasons. In this town called, Little India, we decided to have lunch at an Indian restaurant (obvi).  The food was cheap, the naan bread was amazing, and the curry was slumdog-phenomonal. Was that inappropriate? Meh.

So of course, being so adventurous and tourist-y, we forgot to mention NO COCONUT in everything we ordered.  I know what you’re thinking, that’s like saying, “can I have no tomatoes in the BLT sandwich?”   I forgot to note, & Goliath is deathly allergic to all nuts, from sesame seeds to coconut).   Taking on the role of being a responsible tour guide, I made sure there was no coconut or any nutty spice to be spiked in any of the dishes.

Clearly I f’d that role up, because moments later, & Goliath’s throat started to itch, then he got red, next thing you know it, he started vomiting on the streets of Little India. Can you get a visual? Two things  popped in my head, 1)”Oh crap, I don’t want to get fine for “littering” in Singapore!” 2) This will be one hell of a story to tell.  Maybe because I never saw an allergic reaction to nuts life threatening.  My younger brother is also allergic to nuts, so this was no surprise to me when I was witnessing the symptoms.  I was told if anything like that happened to my brother, have him take a Benadryl, chug a can of soda, and munch on some m&ms.  If all fails, take the EPI pen and stab his leg. 

We later found out, that the rice may have been cooked in coconut milk, thus what caused the dramatic scene.  I’m kidding. If you’re wondering if he survived, unfortunately he did and is still alive.  I’m kidding again (but I’m on a roll).  All is well with him–to this day, he probably still thinks I tried to kill him (I can’t blame him).  Regardless,  now I have story AND a recipe to share after this jump.

Again, another good find on pinterest, but if you want to visit the actual website for the Coconut Chicken Curry recipe:


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