I may or may not be late on this trend, but I just want to point out that I am really feeling the knee high tights over–well, tights. I think you can play it up or down without feeling so promiscuous? slut-isque? Black on black would be the most subtle and versatile way to do it up for a night in the city.  Especially when you don’t want to be that girl in the middle of February, “Doesn’t that girl know it’s 20-somethin’ degrees outside?!” or “You know she’s cold…and still tryin’ to look cute” (Not that I would say those things).  It’s a total Kate Moss-meets-West Hollywood look.  I say high five for knee-highs this year!



The first time I saw the leg warmers making a come back three years ago was in college, and I was really against it.  Maybe because the girl sitting at the bus stop was not pulling it off right.  She was wearing flip flops with the warmers and a denim mini skirt like a lost Abercrombie model.  But when I came across this image on my recent obsession, Pinterest, I couldn’t help but love the black on black  ensemble. This is something you can pull off casually when you’re out shopping and grabbing coffee with your girls, without going through the “where are you going with that outfit” look.


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